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ZoloTech - Scarborough Web Designer

ZoloTech design and develop websites that are modern, responsive and functional. We offer a complete Local SEO and SEO service our location is in Scarborough North Yorkshire.

We have over 10 years experience in web development and SEO in Scarborough and the necessary skills and knowledge have been acquired to make your website or business a success.

ZoloTech provide a professional service with expert knowledge in web design and development techniques and SEO strategies, including Local SEO for Scarborough and North Yorkshire and social media marketing.

We are proficient problem solvers and have excellent attention to detail, meaning that our customer satisfaction is second to none. We take on all sizes of projects from website maintenance to complete site rebuilds to new website design and development.

All our websites are fully responsive in design and SEO is built in from the ground up on all new websites.

All our work is carried out to the highest standards and at very competitive prices.

If you'd like to have a chat about your new website or would like your site updating, please let us know here.

If you want a chat about your Search Engine Optimisation or Local SEO for Scarborough and sorrounding areas, please let us know here we are located in Scarborough.

Amazing Services
  • Web Design and Web Management

    Our website design lets the client be in control of their data. Your sites can have content management capabilities if required. For more information click here.

  • Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation

    When your site is built you need to get it noticed, this is where SEO comes in to play. For more info on Search Engine Optimisation click here.

  • Hosting And Domains

    Domain renewal and registration. Fully backed up data. Affordable hosting

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Want us to take a look at your website or project. Get in touch with our team of Scarborough web designers and we will get back in touch to discuss your needs. We are located in Scarborough, North Yorkshire

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